France ‐ Marseille

Marseille City Public Safety System,
Guaranty Urban Public Safety

Project Background

Marseille is one of the most



Cooperate with French top

important ports and the second

integrator and world‐famous

biggest city in France. The city

platform suppliers in this project.

security is very important.

Solution Highlights


Customer Benefits

The city becomes much safer
than before.


The crime rates are lowered

Provide a super large storage center

and the economic growth is

City surveillance is an important

and optical fibers to ensure the


measure to keep the city safe.

storage and transmission capability

The project is a turn‐key project.

for HD cameras.

1000 HD cameras were installed in
main roads, downtown areas,



People now enjoy a safer and
more wonderful life.

Provide 7/24 professional after‐sales

scenic spots and other population‐
intensive areas.


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